Automated eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services For Online Merchants & Beyond

  • Single Source

    Mel separates from the competition by serving as both your manufacturer and order fulfillment expert. This opens the door for fully customizable experience that our competitors can not offer.

  • Integrated Product Fulfillment

    Mel is THE trusted name when it comes to Integrated e-commerce fulfillment services.

  • Product Launch

    Are you just finishing a new product and need help fulfilling orders during the initial launch? Our team at Mel will work directly with your team to make it happen.

  • Batch Distribution

    When your company has to ship a small or large batch product at one time, Mel offers Batch Distribution Services

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Order processing for order fulfillment

We have developed a great working relationship with Clickbank and Clickfunnels. Our expansive experience integrating our order fulfillment services with these two companies means that your transition to Mel will go smoothly, with no hiccups.

Current Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment Clients

  • I started using Mel media about a year ago and this has helped me grow my business by leaps and bounds. Offering physical products instead of just digital downloads had decreased our refund and chargeback rates dramatically. Plus they are pleasant to deal with and always have the best prices on everything we've ever printed.

    Tyler Bramlett
  • We started using Mel Printing, Shipping & Fulfillment about 3 years ago to grow our business from digital only to physical books. Offering physical products has cut down on our refund and chargeback rates immensely! In the past few months, we have even scaled up to begin producing supplements and Mel has again stepped up for distribution. Augie and his team are knowledgable and always easy to communicate with. Our teams have meshed well and Mel is honest, fair, and we can count on them to get their end of the deal done while meeting or beating the competition.

    John Barban
  • August and Mel Printing have been a godsend to us since day one. They were able to not only beat the prices of competing vendors, but also provide us with an incredibly fast turnaround time in printing our books. We now exclusively do print and fulfillment through them and they have been amazing to work with -- they are fast, effective, and provide wonderful customer service. If you are looking for printing and fulfillment services, look no further.

    Dave Sinick

Mels Newest Partner

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Utilize our Product Creation Process for Order Fulfillment


Compared to digital download, a physical product adds perceived value to the product sold


Return rates drop to less then 2% when a physical product option is offered


Physical products increase the user’s consumption


By utilizing our production creation process your product will increase your brand awareness


A physical product increases exposure to your brand

Digital download vs Product CreationClearly, a majority of people prefer to read from an actual physical product, compared to a digital download