Product Launch

Are you just finishing a new product and need help fulfilling orders during the initial launch? Our team at Mel will work directly with your team to make it happen. Whatever the media may be, from CDs & DVDs to print work and Workbooks, we have the facilities and departments needed to produce the needed assembly and packaging.

Once the product is created to your standards, Mel Media Group can then house the inventory and devolop a fulfillment and shipping solution that best meets your needs! It’s important to work with us as much as possible on the timeline so that the launch process & new product introduction will go smoothly, and your customers will get their products delivered on time. Our fulfillment center has been a part of some very popular product launches over the years, so we understand the needs involved to meet the expectations and demand of a successful product launch. Planning is one of the most important elements of a product launch campaign, so let’s get an excellent plan in place to make sure your product is launched with the greatest opportunity of success. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment center has got your back.

  • Single Source Solution

    Since all of the product manufacturing and fulfillment is done in one location, this ensures the most cost effective, seamless launch of your product!

  • We Are Professionals

    Mel Media Group has a great history of successful product launches, meaning we have the expertise that is needed to help your compny to the utmost!

  • Strategy

    A successful launch of your product corrrelates directly with the plan that is in place. Let Mel Media Group Help you succeed!

Want to join us?

If you are ready to choose Mel as the single source solution for all of your shipping and fulfillment needs, or simply want more information then click below to contact one of Mel and one of our custom solution experts will be in contact with you shortly

Product Launch