Integrated Product Fulfillment

Mel is THE trusted name when it comes to Integrated e-commerce fulfillment services. We have developed a custom solution that combines your sales process or e-commerce shopping cart with our on demand delivery service. Our platform will get the detailed shipping information to ship your product(s) to your customers. Our fulfillment center becomes YOUR warehouse and shipping department!

Our Integrated e-commerce fulfillment services offer clean, cross-over integration with your selling platform online. Our system can automatically integrate with your shopping cart application, so as soon as a visitor or member orders a product, we receive that information and drop ship your product to your customer. When you choose Mel you gain access to your own specialized fulfillment portal where you can view inventory, track your packages or orders, and get detailed statistics in real-time! Mel offers the most competitive pricing on our Integrated e-commerce fulfillment services, get quality services from one of the best rated fulfillment companies. We safely store your product(s) in our Newly purchased state-of-the-art facility just outside of Detroit, Michigan

  • Fluid Integration

    Recieve seamlesss integration with your shopping cart, so as soon as orders are placed, our team will pack and ship your products immiedietly!

  • Real-time Statistics

    Receive detailed reports on your shipments as well as reports on order tracking and inventory. All in real time!

  • Secure

    Mel Media Group will safely store your products in our secured facility. Your products are always protected during storage!

  • Ready, Set, Ship!

    Since there is complete integration, your company will never have to worry about the head aches that come with fulfillment and shipping. We take care of it all, so you do not have to worry!

Want to join us?

If you are ready to choose Mel as the single source solution for all of your shipping and fulfillment needs, or simply want more information then click below to contact one of Mel and one of our custom solution experts will be in contact with you shortly

Integrated Product Fulfillment